It's Time To Thrive!

Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Never Look Back!

We make it simple for you to get in the best shape of your life

At Thrive Training Club our team will work to ensure you get the best results. We provide personal training through individualised programmes – tailored to your fitness level.

Nutritional Support

We’ll provide you with advice to build better habits and reach your goals faster.

Motivated Trainers

Bring a “can do attitude” we can scale all exercises to suit you from complete beginner to advanced trainer, it’s what we do best!

Track Progress

We’ll track your progress from a clothing size too fat loss to performance in classes, to class attendance.

Personal Training

We take the guesswork out of your training with a structured plan

Do more than just exercise. Training structured around increasing performance. Workouts and results become more sustainable. A more rewarding experience in a fun and friendly environment.

Our Bootcamp classes provide HIIT workouts featuring exceptional, motivated trainers.

Our 45-minute Bootcamp Conditioning class, is a high intensity circuit training class. Workouts include interval work and rest periods to elicit a desired response from the body using dumbbells, kettlebells, rope slams, and medicine balls.




Hey all!!! We’d like to draw your attention to our lovely Dawnie this girl is a WARRIOR! She has been with Thrive for just over a year and LOOK at the difference a year makes! She has grafted, committed herself to her training and eating but most of all she has made herself ACCOUNTABLE to her choices!


Our thrivers here are kicking butt already in 2017! Check out Helen’s progress within 6 months of being in the club she is dedicated and consistently trains for her goals. SHE IS UNSTOPPABLE!!!!


Our fabulous Kelly is UNSTOPPABLE!!! 2.5 stone GONE since she started with us! We are DELIGHTED with these results from her hard work, dedication and consistency! Most importantly Kelly is LOVING her fitness journey! Always happy, positive and having fun in sessions!

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